Hythe Driving School is a part of The Big Red L Company, founded in Kent in 1992.

We are committed to helping you become a safe driver for life. So we are not only concerned with getting through your test (as important as that is!) but we also like our pupils and their cars to stay in one piece afterwards!

We offer both regular driving lessons and intensive courses; so if time is of the essence we can book a lesson to assess how many hours you’ll need to pass an intensive course.

Though we are based in Folkestone, Hythe is our second home and we love teaching pupils from this location. Tony, our director, is also a trustee of Seapoint Canoe Centre, based on The Royal Military Canal and paddling all the way to the dam in west Hythe.

The Big Red L is a high quality driving school franchise that always only uses the best independent instructors.

The office is manned by the founder, Tony www.about.me/tonysimcock and his team of trusty sidekicks – Cath (a bookkeeper who puts Tony in his place) and Samuel (our blogger and web designer – who has just left to study Creative Writing at University).

We cover all of the area highlighted in red. That includes Hythe, Folkestone and most of the surrounding villages. We love this little corner of Kent.

If you live in Hythe it means doing your test in Folkestone, since there are no driving test centres in Hythe. This is a much better idea than trying to do it in Ashford! If you’re not as familiar with the roads, don’t worry! We’ll get you up to speed in no time. We know this area better than we know ourselves sometimes.

So if you’re looking for a local driving instructor near you, give us a call on 01303 279755 or contact us


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Head Office

Address: 29 Limes Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4AU
Phone: 01303 279755
Email: tony@bigredl.co.uk


The Power of 3 is the result of some inspired work by 3 friends over 3 cups of coffee at a 4 legged table.

We will give you £30 for every 3 friends you recommend us to. What’s more, if your friends recommend us to others, you will continue getting a cut of the deal.

There has never been easier money earned.

The Big Red L Company was formed in 1992, was the first UK driving school to receive the Investor in People Award.

Listed are our prices for regular driving lessons. We recommend booking 5 or 10 hours of lessons at a time because it saves you money!

Prefer to check out the prices for our intensive courses? They can be found here on our original website.

  • Our Rates
  • £28 per hour
  • For one of the best instructors in the area
  • £115 – first 5 hours
  • £260 – for 10 hours
  • £510 – for 20 hours
  • £757 – for 30 hours
  • £1000 – for 40 hours
  • Contact us – 01303 279755